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Our Story

Rocky Ridge farm was birthed from a dream and conceived in a prayer. Two people, unknown to each other at the time, shared the same dream of leaving their busy career professional lifestyles to work on the land growing organic vegetables for themselves and their community. They valued the ability to have more recreational time to share lives filled with love together with family and friends.  Both single at the time, Steve and Elke were each independently planning their farming venture. They were also each reciting a daily prayer sincerely asking God to bring them to their husband and wife. After a some time and a lot of faith, their prayers were answered and by the grace of God Steve and Elke met under the star of destiny.


Rocky Ridge Farm was founded by Steve and Elke McCalla. Each of who deeply wanted to awaken everyday with a sense of purpose and a life filled with joy and love. They knew there was more to life than the daily grind we find ourselves in. The McCalla’s love for Mother Earth,  their understanding that our connection to her facilitates the restoration of our body, mind and spirit, the desire to help others reconnect to inner peace and and restore purpose to their lives is their dream for this farm.


Rocky Ridge Farm is a place where  people of all walks of life can gather to restore, nourish and uplift their spirits. A family friendly destination for the North Carolina triangle area, Rocky Ridge Farm is here for you to enjoy recreational activities, educational workshops and to just have fun on the farm!  Visit our schedule of events to see our upcoming events. 

Steve and Elke (Keval) McCalla after their first chestnut harvest together
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